Hell to Pay (the fall)

from by The Merry Way



“I’ve got Hell to pay, now won’t you come along? It only hurts for a minute”
He slithered through his teeth, She smiled and took a bite. It tasted good for a minute.
She calls her lover in says take a bit my dear...
And this began it all...
This is how they fall...

“I’ve got Hell to pay, now won’t you come along? Its only hot for a minute”
He whispered to the boy who smiles and lays her down, It feels good for a minute
She cries out at night he’s no where to be found,
And this continues on...
This is how they fall....

There’s always apples to take,
Its running through our veins
To make us love what we hate
We’ve got hell to pay


from Debut EP, track released December 7, 2010
Produced by Brian Eichelberger. Lyrics by Brittany Alvis.
Guitars by Dan Phelps.
Music by The Merry Way.




The Merry Way Tacoma, Washington

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